“Mad World”

As much as he enjoys music, The Curmudgeon is not an early adopter. He typically needs to hear a song, or an album – can we still call them albums? – several times before he sort of internalizes them and can come to like them. He can’t tell you how many times he’s given a first listen to a new recording by a performer he especially likes, only to be disappointed. Eventually he comes around, so over the years he’s learned not to allow himself to be disappointed until he’s heard a song or an album a few times.

Once in while, though, he hears a song and it hits him right away. A few years ago he heard Lorde singing “Royals” while eating lunch and got up from his seat to go to the iPod to find out who and what it was.

parksThat happened again recently when he heard a song that he eventually learned was called “Mad World” by a woman named Alex Parks. He finds it sad and plaintive and haunting and touching and was immediately taken.

It was with great surprise, though, that a little research informed him that it was not a new song – not new at all. In fact, “Mad World” was released 33 years ago, in 1983, by…(gulp!) Tears for Fears.

Tears for Fears!

The Curmudgeon felt momentarily embarrassed, but only momentarily: a great song is a great song no matter who wrote it and who performed it.

The song is “Mad World” and the cover version is by Alex Parks. Enjoy it here.

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