“On the Campaign Trail” Gives Birth to “The Trump Watch”

(The Donald is a blogger’s dream: big and bold and so utterly insane and so blissfully unaware of his insanity: the ultimate, textbook narcissist. He is that sore inside your mouth that you cannot keep your tongue away from, that mosquito bite you absolutely must scratch, that last cookie in the jar that it makes no sense at all to leave in there all by its lonesome.

And so begins “The Trump Watch,” which The Curmudgeon intends to be a periodic entry in this space but not on a regularly scheduled basis. He will share things he finds amusing and entertaining and appealing and appalling but without attempting to be comprehensive in any way. He’ll pick and choose his spots, invites suggestions for things to highlight, even welcomes your own commentaries and reports.

But mostly, he wants to have fun at the expense of the biggest buffoon who has ever disgraced the political stage in our country.

So here goes.)

* * *

When in doubt, kick them out (part 1).

The Donald fired Corey Lewandowski, his campaign manager, suggesting that he needed different skills from his campaign manager for a different kind of campaign. But you have to wonder: why was it necessary for him to have security guards escort Lewandowski from the building? Did Lewandowski make a pass at Melania or Ivanka? Was The Donald afraid Lewandowski would steal office supplies or maybe…the hairspray?

* * *

When in doubt, kick them out (part 2).

That’s what The Donald decided about Washington Post reporters: he doesn’t like what they write about him so he had his press team revoke all Post reporters’ press credentials to cover him. Coupled with his announced intention to “open up the libel laws” if elected, the guy is scary.

* * *

It’s not hard to see why The Donald is thin-skinned about the Washington Post. Consider these excerpts from a June 13 editorial:

It had not seemed possible, but Donald Trump descended this week to a new low of bigotry, fear-mongering and conspiracy-peddling…Mr. Trump may have calculated that a suddenly anxious electorate would be more receptive to his campaign of fear and prejudice, emotions he immediately attempted to inflame…

In a Monday speech, Mr. Trump painted a false picture of a nation infiltrated by waves of unscreened Muslim refugees and immigrants, who, abetted by Democrats, are destroying American values and threatening the public. Among other things, he chillingly accused Muslim Americans of complicity with terrorists: “The Muslims have to work with us,” he said. “They know what’s going on. They know that [the Orlando shooter] was bad. They knew the people in San Bernardino were bad. But you know what? They didn’t turn them in. And you know what? We had death, and destruction.”…

Mr. Trump also raised suspicion in television interviews that Mr. Obama wants terrorists to strike the United States, or at least looks the other way as they scheme. “We’re led by a man that either is not tough, not smart or has something else in mind. And the something else in mind — people can’t believe it. People cannot believe that President Obama is acting the way he acts and can’t even mention the words ‘radical Islamic terrorism.’ There’s something going on.”…

Why do people keep talking about my hands?

Why do people keep talking about my hands?

That the Orlando shooter was born in the U.S. didn’t deter Trump from repeating his insistence on banning Muslim immigrants from entering the country, as reported in the Washington Post.

“That man yesterday was sick with hate,” Trump said on Fox. “You have many, many people, thousands of people, already in our country that are sick with hate. And people that are around him, Muslims, know who they are, largely. They know who they are. They have to turn them in. They know who they are. They see them.”

During a brief interview on ABC’s Good Morning America, Trump was asked how a ban on foreign Muslims could have prevented the Orlando shooting since the shooter, identified as Omar Mateen, was born in the United States.

“We have many people coming in whose hate is equal to his and just as bad and even worse, frankly, and we have to stop people from coming in,” Trump said, adding that gun control measures also could not stop a terrorist attack.

“The problem was that we have a maniac, we have a madman. He could have used a bomb. He could have used other things, just as easily, just as easily,” Trump said. “It would have been, probably, even more devastating. So that’s not the problem.”

No, the problem is the gibberish-spouting candidate.

* * *

And this is how much I pay in income taxes.

And this is how much I pay in income taxes.

Is Donald Trump a welfare queen?

Could be: the Washington Post reports that for several years during the late 1970s, Trump paid no income taxes, thanks to all sorts of deductions and loopholes.

Did you pay any income taxes in the late 1970s? Does this make you feel like a bit of a sucker for doing so?

* * *

Speaking of income taxes, The Donald continues to refuse to release past tax returns because he is being audited.

But did you know that being audited does not prevent him from releasing his tax returns and that not doing so is strictly his decision? And that he also has refused to release tax returns for years for which he is not being audited?

Makes you wonder: what’s the guy hiding? Just more years of not paying any income taxes or…something worse?

* * *

Justices (TOP) Perez, Judy, Faith, Milian,(BOTTOM) Young, Pirro, Lopez, Karen, and Mathis. Missing: Chief Justice Diana Ross.

Justices (TOP) Perez, Judy, Faith, Milian,(BOTTOM) Young, Pirro, Lopez, Karen, and Mathis. Missing: Chief Justice Diana Ross.

After the Supreme Court recently overturned two major restrictions on abortions in Texas, Trump declared that if he is elected, the Supreme Court will never rule against abortion:

You won’t even have to question. You wouldn’t even have to bother going to court. You’re going to know the answers.

Which makes you wonder: does he think the Supreme Court has to do whatever he says? Or maybe that as a new president he would get to appoint all new justices?

Scary, ain’t it?

* * *

From day one of his improbable quest for the White House – or better tv ratings, it’s not entirely clear – The Donald has insisted that he would fund his own campaign and bragged that he would owe nothing to campaign contributors.

But like an old couple that has lived in a big old house forever and has finally decided the time has come to downsize, only to learn that the nice little place they had their eye on costs more than the big house they want to leave, Trump has learned that it costs more to run a nation-wide campaign than he ever imagined. So informed, he is now working hard to raise money. How successful he’s been so far appears to depend on who’s trying to tell you the score, but the bigger question is this: at what point does Trump acknowledge that he will be as beholden to those who pay his bills as all of the politicians he calls weak because they’re in that very position? Also: now that we know how grossly The Donald underestimated the cost of running a campaign, we have much greater insight into why his businesses keep going into bankruptcy, don’t we?

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