Sometimes, Mom Knows Best

Earlier this year The Curmudgeon’s family held a small celebration in honor of The Curmudgeonly Brother’s 57th birthday. The family has long passed the point of giving gifts to adult children on their birthdays but when The Curmudgeon went to a drug store to buy a card for his brother he saw something he couldn’t resist.

A small package of Peeps.

peepsThe Curmudgeon knows his younger brother likes Peeps. It’s strange that he does: The Curmudgeon can’t think of anything else with marshmallow in it that his brother likes, but he unquestionably likes Peeps.

Older brother thought he was being terribly, terribly clever by picking up a package of Peeps, but his bubble was burst when he entered mom’s house for the birthday gathering and there on the coffee table was an array of Peeps in several colors.

Outdone by mom.

But it gets worse.

You see, little brother happens to like his Peeps stale, so they’re crunchy rather than chewy.

And when The Curmudgeon pulled his package of Peeps out of his bag, mom turned to him and asked, “Yes, but are YOURS stale?”

And The Curmudgeon had to admit they were not, and that in this case, mom definitely knew best.

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