A Strange Place for a Trump Commercial

As averse as he is to exercise, The Curmudgeon occasionally spends some time riding a stationary bike, because heaven forbid he ride a real one and actually go outdoors and get some fresh air. To pass the time, because riding a stationary bike is only slightly more interesting than watching paint dry or, say, World Cup soccer, he watches television, and a few mornings ago he found himself in need of a few laughs and decided to tune into Fox News’s Fox and Friends, one of cable’s leading comedy programs.

On the show, certified lunatic Rudy Giuliani was talking about the Clinton Foundation – you know, one of those issues that only the people at Fox News care about. More interesting, though, was when they paused to give Giuliani an opportunity to wipe the froth off his chin and went to a commercial, and there was…

…a Trump for President ad.

Running on the Fox News channel.

And The Curmudgeon had to wonder.


Why would the Trump campaign spend some of the relatively little money it’s been able to scare up running an ad on Fox News? Isn’t that a pretty classic case of preaching to the converted?

Do they think there are scores of Hillary voters watching Fox News whose hearts and minds can be swayed with 30 seconds of well-chosen words?

Or are they so concerned about conservative voters whom Trump has completely alienated – apparently, there are a lot of such folks – staying home rather than embracing the lesser of two evils that they feel they need to convince those folks that the other guys’ evil is worse than their own?

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