A Comment About Commenting About Pro Athletes Protesting During the National Anthem

As visitors to this space might expect, The Curmudgeon has no problem with professional or college or even high school athletes doing something during the playing of the national anthem before their games to protest what they perceive to be social injustice. It is, he thinks, truly the American way.

He also realizes there are compelling reasons for them not to protest at that particular moment in that particular manner and that doing so is grievously offensive to many.


sports-equipmentHe really, really, really doesn’t want to read or hear anything about this subject from the people who report about and comment on the games at which the athletes are protesting, as we have seen in recent weeks. If there’s anyone who has chosen to live in a fantasy world divorced from reality it’s the people who write and talk for a living about sports. These sports people should spare the rest of us their non-existent wisdom, limit themselves to covering the fun and games and sniffing jock straps, and leave the real thinking to the grown-ups.

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