They Don’t “Create Jobs”

We heard it when Mitt Romney ran for president four years ago and we’re hearing it again now that the blistering, open, puss-filled wound that is Donald Trump is the Republican choice: candidates insisting that they have “created jobs” and that their opponents have not.

And The Curmudgeon believes that’s a load of crap.

Yes, these men, and others like them running for local, state, and federal offices, have run businesses that employ people and have seen their businesses grow and employ more people, but not a single one of them – not ONE – ever set out in business “to create jobs.”

Nobody sets out in business to create jobs.

No, they set out in business to make money.

And there’s absolutely, positively nothing wrong with that.

If a would-be Romney or Trump has a $10 million business that employs 200 people and he thinks that by employing 20 more people he can turn it into a $15 million business he will happily hire 20 more people.

But if that 200-employee, $10 million business has a 25 percent profit margin and he thinks he can run the business with five fewer people and increase that profit margin to 30 percent, thereby making more money, he wouldn’t hesitate to hand five employees their walking papers.

So do these candidates employ people? Absolutely.

Do their actions create jobs?


But do they set out to create jobs?

Absolutely not.

And is there anything about what they do and how they do it to suggest that they have any idea how to use public policy to create jobs?

Again, absolutely not.

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