Tsk Tsk, Democrats

Democrats were understandably – and justifiably – furious when Donald Trump and his acolytes began speculating irresponsibly about Hillary Clinton’s health. With no information – none, zero, zilch, nada – to support their accusations, they fabricated all sorts of conditions, mortal and otherwise, from which she might be suffering.

But then a prominent Democrat turns around and does the same thing. The prominent Democrat – well, not that prominent, but still able to command media attention when he seeks it – is Howard Dean.

Dean’s accusation? Well, he’s careful to say it’s not an accusation, just a suspicion or possibility, although once it’s in print, does it really matter? Based on hearing Donald Trump’s occasional sniffle during Monday night’s debate, Dr. Dean – yes, he’s a medical doctor – suggested that perhaps Trump is using cocaine.

67 years old and this is his legacy

67 years old and this is his legacy

Really. He said that.

And it’s no less outrageous, irresponsible, and despicable than the whispering about Hillary Clinton’s health.

Howard Dean: still jerky after all these years.

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