A Fly on the Wall

That’s what The Curmudgeon wishes he could have been when the folks at Saturday Night Live sat down with the censors, er, “standards and practices” people, at NBC last weekend to discuss their desire to use the now-infamous Donald Trump interview “p-word” on a sketch this past weekend.

If you notice – at least as far as The Curmudgeon’s own, limited television-watching suggests – even news programs, which have a legitimate reason to use the word, aren’t doing so. Instead, we’re being subjected to more frequent use of the word “genitalia” than this observer recalls at any time since Marlin Perkins was awkwardly trying to explain what those crazy tigers – or lions or bears or hyenas or zebras or whatever other animals were the subjects of his individual programs – were doing during 1960s and 1970s episodes of Mutual of Omaha’s Animal Kingdom.

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