Technology Overkill

As travel-averse as he sometimes is, even The Curmudgeon is well-acquainted with the experience of descending an airport escalator toward the baggage carousels and finding at the bottom a line of men, often in some kind of uniform and silly hat, holding up pieces of paper with the last names of people they have been hired to pick up and transport to their next destination. It’s as much a part of the airport experience as the four-dollar bottle of Snapple, TSA employees who practically want to perform a cavity search, and inch-high water on the floor of the men’s room.

So The Curmudgeon was surprised, during a recent trip to an airport (to greet a returning traveler), to see that at the bottom of that escalator, among all those drivers with their silly hats there to pick up passengers, about half of those drivers displayed the last names of those passengers on…tablets.

Do you think it's a status thing among them?

Do you think it’s a status thing among them?

Not exactly iPads, he doesn’t think, but tablets nonetheless.

What a thing! Someone sat down, maybe in a meeting or on his or her own, and decided that their company’s drivers would look more professional if they displayed the names of their passengers on a tablet instead of a perfectly functional and legible piece of paper. Of course, these are the same people who decided they wanted their drivers to wear those funny little hats, so…

But if that isn’t a silly and unnecessary overuse of technology The Curmudgeon doesn’t know what is.

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