Hurry Now, Limited Time Offer

If you’ve ever eaten at Arby’s…you’ve probably never eaten there again. To be fair, this is coming from a guy who has had a McDonald’s within walking distance of his home for the past 13 years but has never set foot in it and has eaten only twice at McDonalds’ in the past 40 years, both times when he had not eaten in more than six hours and there was absolutely, positive no alternative for hours to come, but take The Curmudgeon’s word for it, Arby’s is not very good. It’s not as if The Curmudgeon is totally fast food averse: he loves him some extra crispy KFC as long as he can get it from the takeout window because the smell of the sizzling fat in those stores is so nauseating to him that he can’t even consider eating if he encounters it for at least another hour. At times he’s thought about creating a new KFC weight-loss plan: go into a KFC store every time you’re hungry and…blammo, your hunger’s gone.

But back to Arby’s.

When your food is generally as unpalatable as Arby’s you have to try new things all the time, hoping that if you throw enough shit up against the wall, some of it may stick. (Although The Curmudgeon isn’t suggesting that some of the shit Arby’s is throwing up against that wall is, you know, actual shit.)

So that new thing is…venison.


"I think I'm best medium rare!"

“I think I’m best medium rare!”

In honor of the deer-hunting season, Arby’s will sell venison sandwiches for a few days at a handful of outlets in Tennessee, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Michigan.

So hurry and get your Bambi burgers now, while supplies last.

How bad could it be?

Well, actually, if current performance is any indication…


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