The Best Way Yet to Rig an Election

Booze and drugs.

Yes, booze and drugs.

Before proceeding, this note: you are going to read this piece and shake your head and say to yourself “This just isn’t possible” and “The Curmudgeon must be making this up.”

Rest assured: The Curmudgeon is not making this up.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that an “alt-right” white supremacist group hopes to keep African-American voters in Philadelphia home on election day by going out to their neighborhoods and…

…are you ready for this?

Handing out marijuana and 40s.

colt-45(“40s,” for those of you unfamiliar with the term, are 40-ounce bottles of malt liquor – you know, the stuff Billy Dee Williams used to advertise on television.)

The idea is the brainchild of neo-Nazi leader Andrew Anglin and the alt-right web site, which plans to use the booze and drugs to supplement its efforts to monitor Philadelphia polling places and intimidate African-American voters tomorrow.

The Inquirer reports:

“We also have some teams going in to the ghettos in Philly with 40s and weed to give out to the local residents, which we think will lead to more of them staying home,” read the email sent by an unnamed team member. “We have had success with this in the past.”

In addition,

Trump supports are hoping that after a few pulls on his people won't be able to pull the big Democratic lever

Trump supporters are hoping that after a few pulls on his people won’t be able to pull the big Democratic lever

Anglin, the editor of the neo-Nazi publication Daily Stormer, told Politico he plans on “sending an army of alt-right nationalists to watch the polls” on Election Day. TheRightStuff’s anonymous spokesman, meanwhile, said that the site has hidden surveillance cameras at some polling places around the city.

In all, the Nazis and Trump fans plan to target about 7000 polling places across the U.S., including 2000 in Philadelphia.

Which will be a neat trick inasmuch as Philadelphia only has about 1700 polling places.

Why make up stuff when crazies like this provide you with such great material?


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