Political Press Secretaries: Not the Brightest People in the World

A Pennsylvania state legislator who talked a lot like Donald Trump even before Donald Trump started talking like Donald Trump confirmed last week what everyone who pays attention to such things already knew: he intends to run for governor in two years.

When asked to respond to the non-announcement announcement, Jeff Sheridan, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf’s press secretary, said

Gov. Wolf knows now is not the time for politics, but instead the moment to continue these efforts.

What an utterly ridiculous comment. Sheridan was referring to a number of issues currently being negotiated between the Democratic governor and Republican legislative leaders whose party has overwhelming majorities in the state legislature.

“Not a time for politics?” All of those issues are currently part of the political process, which makes Sheridan naïve, which The Curmudgeon doubts, or stupid, which is The Curmudgeon’s first choice.

Press secretaries have tough jobs; The Curmudgeon understands that and feels some sympathy for them. But all they really have to do is avoid saying stupid things, and this time, Sheridan waded waist deep in Stupid Swamp.

Political press secretaries: They’re not all C.J. Cregg. In fact, very few of them are.

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