The Left Understands Political Demagoguery, Too

Yes, those of us still crying in our cups over the election of one of the biggest demagogues in American political history have good reason to cry, and it’s only getting worse, but the left can be just as obnoxious as the right when it comes to political grand-standing.

Consider Rachel Maddow.

Last week Maddow held up on her show a copy of next year’s congressional calendar, which showed large swaths of weeks in which Congress would not be in session.

And she suggested that Congress would not be working those weeks.

Which is utterly ridiculous.

maddowCongress doesn’t do all of its work when it’s in session. Members of Congress hold hearings, tend to constituent business, visit their districts, study issues and legislation, and more when they’re not formally in session.

You know that.

The Curmudgeon knows that.

And Rachel Maddow, a Rhodes Scholar who is smarter than all of us and not at all shy about reminding us of that, knows it too.

But that didn’t stop her from going on the air and suggesting to her more than one million viewers that Congress wrote its own schedule that gave its members about 200 vacation days in 2017.

It turns out that political demagoguery knows no party limits.

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