“That’s So Gay”

Until last week The Curmudgeon had only heard the term “that’s so gay” once: it was used by his nephew, who was about eleven or twelve at the time, and whose uncle pulled him aside shortly thereafter and explained to him why he should not use that term again.

And as far as The Curmudgeon knows, his nephew never used that term again.

Or at least so The Curmudgeon likes to tell himself.

Last week, though, The Curmudgeon was minding his own business and watching television when he saw a public service announcement in which comedian Wanda Sykes overhears three teenaged boys use the term and not very politely asks them not to use it.

And now The Curmudgeon wants to use it all the time because he’s is sick and tired of people, and especially celebrities, telling him what to think and what to do and now, how to talk.

Public service announcements featuring celebrities telling us how to behave?

Now THAT’S so gay.

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