A Message to Readers

“To be or not to be, that is the question.”

That’s the question that’s been troubling The Curmudgeon lately.

Specifically, the question that’s been troubling him lately has been “How much should I write about our new president and his administration?”

The Curmudgeon already knew this was going to be a challenge. On one hand, he is both amused and outraged by so much about this man, what he has in mind for our country, and the manner in which he conducts himself that he knew he was going to have to write about at least some of it, but the question remained: how much and how often should he write? As he wrote a few weeks ago, he doesn’t want this to become a Trump blog – or, more precisely, an anti-Trump blog.

He knew all along he wouldn’t turn this blog into that kind of production; there are too many other things he wants to write about. He briefly considered creating a separate blog devoted just to Trump but rejected that idea: too much work requiring too much time plus others are no doubt doing the same thing plus there’s still all that short fiction he wants to write, plus a new idea for a novel that he wants to explore.

At the same time, he also didn’t want to include a Trump piece once or twice a week among his other musings; he thinks that’s too often, especially at a time when he’s already trying to write a little less. He has no problem envisioning some of his readers – even those who agree with him about this stuff – just rolling their eyes and thinking, “Geez, this again? Give us a break already.”

trump-watchSo after about a week of consideration he thinks he’s come up with a compromise: revival of the “Trump Watch” feature he wrote periodically during the campaign. This will not be a regular, scheduled feature; instead, he will accumulate things to write about and periodically publish a new “Trump Watch” entry: depending on how much is going on it may appear every two or three or four weeks (or even less frequently, depending on the circumstances). That way, it doesn’t take over this site. On the other hand, it means not commenting on every little thing, just picking some spots occasionally and letting some things go unmentioned, painful though that may sometimes be. This way, he gets to write about the abuses and nonsense and serious danger posed by this carnival barker while continuing to write about all those other things that interest him. (And by the way: guest columns about Trump, or anything else, for that matter, are always welcome.)

So that’s the plan, starting with the first “Trump Watch” tomorrow. (Lots of material: it’s a two-parter. So much for letting some things go unmentioned, eh?)


Be there.



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