coreyProfessor Irwin Corey, 1914-2017

As readers no doubt have noticed, The Curmudgeon likes words, and for that reason he always enjoyed the comedian who went by “Professor Irwin Corey.” Corey’s shtick, if you will, was giving long-winded, overly detailed, incomprehensible explanations of relatively simple things and throwing in plenty of three- and four-syllable words for good measure – some of them not meaning quite what they suggested. He kept on doing this in comedy clubs and elsewhere into his nineties and was photographed in 2011, at the age of 97, panhandling for money for Cuban charities – like The Curmudgeon, Professor Corey was a liberal, only perhaps more so. As far as The Curmudgeon can recall, he only saw Corey perform in two places: on the old Mike Douglas Show and the Merv Griffin Show. That was enough: he was hooked and always a fan thereafter.

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