The Immigration Raids

In the past week U.S. immigration officials have raided sites in Georgia, North Carolina, California, New York, Texas, and six midwestern states, rounding up 680 illegal residents, most with criminal records, with the apparent intention of deporting them.

Okay, so that’s 680 out of what is widely thought to be 11 million undocumented residents.

immigrationIf The Curmudgeon’s math is correct, scooping up 11 million people at a rate of 680 a week will take 16,176 weeks.

Or 311 years.

Which means we’ll be free of our 11 million illegal residents by…the year 2328.

Except if they procreate, of course, in which case it may take a few dozen additional years.

Four or five or ten officers picking up one, two, or three dangerous foreigners at a time.  A great use of taxpayer money, no?

So you hang in their immigration officers; you have a lot of meaningful, valuable, patriotic work ahead of you.

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