Hypocrisy and the FBI

If you were accused of a crime you absolutely did not commit – if Mother Teresa, for pete’s sake, had been accused of child molestation – and somehow the FBI was hornswoggled into investigating, the feds would refuse to comment on the status of the investigation.  They would leave you, or Mother Teresa, twisting in the wind, you and your forever-destroyed reputation the object of public suspicion, ridicule, and derision – by insisting that they cannot, under any circumstances, comment on an open investigation.

Until the entity under suspicion is the FBI.  Then, the FBI screams bloody murder.

FBI director James Comey: hoist on this own petard

We’re seeing it right now.  Last weekend, Comrade Trump accused the Obama administration of tapping his telephones during the fall presidential campaign.  FBI director James Comey – the same guy whose unscrupulous and malevolent actions helped swing the election Trump’s way – has demanded that the U.S. Justice Department reject the accusation, and the insinuation that the FBI was involved in such wiretapping, and declare that there was no such wiretap and the FBI is innocent of any wrongdoing.

And while The Curmudgeon, like most Americans in possession of even a hint of a brain, thinks the president’s accusation is utterly ludicrous, he nevertheless hopes the Justice Department will temporarily remain silent and let the FBI and its reputation do their own twisting in the wind for a little while and get a taste of the bitter medicine it routinely administers to many, many other innocent parties every single day.

And how ironic is it that Comey himself has now been victimized by the very man he helped propel into the White House?

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