Man Wrestles…Deer

And wins!

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that when a deer crashed through the window of a supermarket in Manchester, Pennsylvania, a customer channeled his inner Hulk Hogan, said to himself “Game on,” and decided to take on the deer as it charged through the fruit and vegetables section on its way to the bakery department.

deerOkay, so any deer that skips past the vegetables and toward the bakery is clearly The Curmudgeon’s kind of deer.

As you can see from this photo, the poor deer never stood a chance.

Eventually the Macho Man helped the deer to his feet and the deer thanked him by kicking him and knocking him down, which is only an appropriate rebuke for daring to wrestle a deer. The deer, fearing that the match might be best two falls out of three and now parched from this encounter, apparently headed off in the direction of a nearby Starbucks, no doubt in search of liquid refreshment and a quick jolt of caffeine after the unexpected resistance it encountered on its way to the crumpets and scones.

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