Have the Changing Times Made This Practice Obsolete?

With the day off for President’s Day a few weeks ago, The Curmudgeon visited a branch of his bank located across the parking lot from a movie theater and noticed cars in the lot surprisingly early in the day.  The teller explained that the theater was taking advantage of kids being home from school for the day to show a few kid-friendly matinees.

kidsThis led The Curmudgeon to think back to his own childhood, when his mother would drop him and his younger brother off at the movie theater and then pick them up when the movie was over.  There were two theaters where she would do this, one near our house and one near our grandparents, and when she dropped us off she would be very clear about where we should stand after the movie let out to ensure that she could find us in the crowd of kids leaving at the same time.  The Curmudgeon is pretty sure mom was doing this by the time The Curmudgeon was 11 or 12.

And that left The Curmudgeon wondering:  do moms (or dads) still drop off 11- and 12-year-olds at movie theaters and pick them up two hours later or do they now view the world as too dangerous a place to do that anymore?  Must they now choose between skipping the movies or spending two hours suffering through entertainment not created to entertain them in way just so their kids can enjoy themselves?

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  • Barbara Snyder  On March 19, 2017 at 8:19 pm

    Hmmm. Interesting. I remember being dropped off at the Saturday matinee. But, my sister’s kids never were. They’re 13 and 17 now, and they always were accompanied by an adult at the movies.

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