A Message to Readers

You may not be aware of it, but anyone can create a blog like this without spending a penny.  This blog is hosted by a company called WordPress, but there are other free blog hosting companies as well.  You get to post your stuff at no cost to you and they reserve the right to put advertising in your space if they wish.  As the “owner” of the space you don’t even see the ads; all you see is a note saying there may be ads on your site.

Ads, by the way, for which the person who writes the blog receives not a dime.

Which means that no, The Curmudgeon is not getting rich writing for you.

Recently The Curmudgeon had occasion to view his blog from a different computer and he wasn’t happy with what he saw:  the ads were a little too annoying and sometimes even too garish for his taste – and something has to be pretty damn garish to be too garish for The Curmudgeon, who’s never met a bright, bright color he wasn’t willing to build a room around in his own home.

So last night he took the plunge and paid a modest fee to remove the ads that were already on the site and to keep the site ad-free for another year.

Paying to remove ads comes in a package with a fancy-schmancy web address, so if you’re not a subscriber or email follower (you should be!) and just come here via bookmark, please note that the blog’s new web address is https://foureyedcurmudgeon.com/.

Finally, he – okay, I – can’t say this enough:  thank you thank you THANK YOU for reading.  I appreciate it more than you can imagine.


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