Serves Her Right

The headline of the article in last Sunday’s Philadelphia Inquirer read

She thought Trump would deport ‘bad hombres.’ Instead, he’s deporting her law-abiding husband

It’s the story of an American-born woman who met a Mexican man who was living in the country illegally, married him, and raised a family with him.  He is by all accounts a good man:  a good father, a law-abiding citizen, a taxpayer, a man who launched a successful business.

And now he’s in a federal detention center awaiting deportation to Mexico.

His wife voted for Trump.  He warned her not to, but she said “I did it for the economy.  We needed a change.”

And now she’s getting her change.  Her husband’s going back to Mexico.  If she cares about her family, she and her three kids – ages fifteen, fourteen, and eight – will join him.

The Curmudgeon feels bad for her kids but not for the woman.  He knows this is hard-hearted, but she is now reaping what she has sown.

So her belief that Trump would only deport “bad hombres?”

She didn’t get it and still probably doesn’t:  to Trump and his supporters, anyone who can be described as an “hombre” based purely on ethnicity is automatically bad and automatically a candidate for deportation.

Just like Muslims.

When are people going to start understanding this?


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