Well, the Bar Was Set Pretty Low

Last week Samsung unveiled its latest smartphone:  the Galaxy S8.

On your way home from picking up your new Galaxy S8 – just in case

The Curmudgeon watched the company’s three-minute video explaining some of the new and improved features on the phone – much to his surprise, it never mentioned anything about the quality or reliability of using the company’s smartphone as, you know, a telephone – and wrote down a few of the statements from the presentation that he thought he would both share and translate for you.

They said:

An innovation that will change the way you see your smartphone and everything on it.

The Curmudgeon translates:

You can now look at your phone without wearing a mask or safety goggles.

They said:

Quality and safety is, and remains, our top priority.

The Curmudgeon translates:

Yeah, NOW they’re our top priority.

The new Samsung Galaxy S8:  it won’t explode on you (they hope).


If you visit the Samsung web site you’re greeted with a message at the top:  “Important Information About Your Top Load Washer.”   Following that statement is a link to a new screen titled “Voluntary Recall of Some Top-Load Washers.”  Below it, you learn that

The voluntary action was driven by reports highlighting the risk that the drums in these washers may lose balance, triggering excessive vibrations, resulting in the top separating from the washer. This can occur when a high-speed spin cycle is used for bedding, water-resistant or bulky items and presents an injury risk to consumers.

Samsung:  where quality is never permitted to get in the way of profits – until it does.



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