Zero Integrity

That’s the only way to describe the Republican members of the U.S. Senate and their repulsive leader, Mitch McConnell, after the manner in which they’ve handled Supreme Court nominations.

As you will recall, when there was a vacancy on the high court a year ago and President Obama did his job and nominated a replacement, Republican members of the Senate, led by the repugnant McConnell, refused to do their job and even consider the nomination.  Wouldn’t even hold a hearing on the nomination.  Some Senate Republicans even refused to meet privately with the nominee.  Obama’s guy wasn’t their guy and they had no intention of considering his credentials or qualifications for the court.

The sum total of the integrity of U.S. Senate Republicans

Flash forward a year and now a Republican president gets to nominate someone to fill that vacancy but now it’s the Democrats who are resisting, using a means – the filibuster – that the anti-democratic McConnell has transformed from a rarely invoked tool employed only under extraordinary circumstances into something used in almost all circumstances, essentially undermined democracy as we know it in this country because for almost any bill to pass in the Senate these days it now needs 60 votes rather than a simple majority of 51 – as intended by the very founders of our country whom these same Republicans so often invoke with such solemnity.

So when the despicable McConnell and his team of America-hating Republican senators can’t get the 60 votes they need to put Agent Orange’s dime-a-dozen nominee on the Supreme Court, what do they do?

They change the rules to make it so they only need 51 votes.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Republican members of our U.S. Senate, who among them share one very obvious quality:  zero integrity.

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