If You Have Nothing Nice to Say…

By now most of us are familiar with the scandal at Penn State University in which a football coach, both as an employee of the university and then after he left his position, had free run of the campus and used that freedom to unleash his inner pedophile and molest young boys with whom he crossed paths. As he did, the university’s leaders, including its president and famous football coach, looked the other way even though they were aware of the unspeakable acts taking place before their very eyes.

The university has suffered horribly for this:  a good school consisting mostly of good people with good intentions shamed before a nation, the horrible skeleton in its closet casting aspersions on all, both good and bad.  The university has paid in money, has paid in reputation, and has paid in shame and a loss of self-respect.

Recently the president of the university at the time of this indifference to the suffering of innocent children was convicted of one measly count of child endangerment, a punishment in no way commensurate with his crime but the best our system of justice could apparently muster.  When that was announced and yet another end was declared to the circumstances that shamed the university, Penn State University trustee Al Lord told a publication that he was “running out of sympathy” for…

…the university officials whose actions led to the school’s shame?


The repeated denials by the pedophile that he had committed any crimes?


The alumni who wanted to pretend that nothing had happened and that the university officials they respected and the legendary football coach they revered had done no wrong?

Not at all.

No, this trustee was “running out of sympathy” for the victims of the crimes:  those who had been molested.

Out of sympathy for little boys and teenagers who had grown into unhappy, scarred young men because of the actions of the pedophile and the complicity of those who knew what was happening to them but chose to look the other way rather than intercede on the children’s behalf.

The trustee is running out of sympathy for the victims of these horrible crimes.

For the victims.

What a horrible person he must be.

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