More Non-Football Stuff about the NFL Draft

The Curmudgeon learned last weekend about a talented college football player named Jalen Robinette who was not selected in last week’s pro football draft because the college he attends is the Air Force Academy and when you go to the Air Force Academy you make a two-year, post-college commitment to serve in the U.S. Air Force – a commitment the Air Force is not at all inclined to waive in light of the considerable investment taxpayers have made in the education of this young man.  A number of prominent athletes over the years have excelled at college sports and then fulfilled their commitment before going on to play professionally.  You don’t hear the young men themselves complaining about the need to fulfill their commitment.  Robinette, for example, requested the opportunity to play professional football right away, but since that request was denied he apparently has not complained publicly about that decision and intends to do what he started out to do when he joined the Air Force Academy:  serve his country.

But the fans?  That’s a different story.

When the ESPN web site ran a story about Robinette and about how his next few years will be spent on an entirely different field of play, most of the ESPN readers who commented about this story agreed that national service, not football, should be his priority.  Some readers, though, seemed to think that football is more important than fulfilling a commitment to country and that Robinette should be freed to pursue fun and games rather than matters of life and death.

A few of the fans’ comments.

Why not let them serve in the reserves? Plus, it’s a great PR move for the armed services.

 *          *          *

 Let him play in the NFL then join the military. Tack on an extra year and everybody wins. If they get some stars that then make the service the armed forces are better off than making sure none of them goes to a service school

 *          *          *

 This basically kills Air Force’s recruiting potential of higher end talent. I guess that is fine and all because that probably isn’t their goal to have great football teams but yeah why the heck would you go to Air Force now if you are serious about trying to get to the NFL?

 *          *          *

This is why the military programs suck. No decent players want to go play somewhere they can’t go pro if they get drafted. I remember the lions picked a kid out of army and wouldn’t let him out of his contract. They should just shut down their athletics. Our government is brilliant aren’t they…

 *          *          *

 I don’t know what the official rules are, but it sounds like a workable compromise is that the active duty could be deferred while football/basketball player X pursues professional sports, then be completed in full once that dream concludes. Yes there would have to be delineated lines, and deadlines, but it could work.

 *          *          *

 It’s only 2 years. Or maybe he can go reserves if he’s lucky. This will only make the military schools less attractive though. He’s a special talent who for sure has a career in the NFL. If he has to go active the 2 years that will probably end his hopes of a football career. More prospects will enter the league and would have more recent football experience. Win -win would be him going reserves.

 *          *          *

 What is the AF going to do with this they can’t do with someone else? This country isn’t at war with anyone so why the insistent of having someone serve, when they can achieve something greater in life than serving in a pointless role in the military?

*          *          *

If Barry the Terrorist would have done his job (sepcifically N. Korea) over the last 8 years, the Air Force probably wouldn’t have had to issue this mandate.

You can thank your former (moronic) president, for not being able to pursue your goal of being an NFL player, Jalen.

*          *          *

This kid can serve the AF in different ways other than actively serving. Let the kid play out his career and then serve. What he learned at the academy doesn’t go away, but his football skills will.

*          *          *

Playing football in the NFL while representing the Armed Forces is the biggest promotions the Air Force could ask for….They should have learned this from Navy last year from Keenan Reynolds

*          *          *

 If drafted assign him to Military Base near that team. Work days for USAF and play football on weekends>

*          *          *

It’s nice to know that football fans have their priorities straight.





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  • Scott  On May 4, 2017 at 8:44 am

    ALL, fantasy footballers no doubt. Or maybe it’s the sports book industry that has chimed in, for it is rather difficult to influence the point spread of an NFL game, from a foxhole.

    • foureyedcurmudgeon  On May 4, 2017 at 9:14 am

      I’m just amused that there are people who think football is more important than…anything, actually.

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