Another Thought About Whole Foods

The Curmudgeon has written about the almost-supermarket chain Whole Foods in the past.

He’s not a fan.

Everything about the place screams arrogance, from the outrageous prices to bizarre products (goat dung soap, anyone?) to the minimum wage cashiers who sneer at you if you don’t bring your own biodegradable, fair trade bags to the smug self-righteousness of so many of its customers to the CEO of a crunchy granola, left wing-type business who is himself a conservative – a libertarian, actually – who opposed health care reform, doesn’t believe health care is a right, compared unions to herpes, doesn’t think climate change is necessarily bad and doesn’t believe there’s a consensus that it’s even happening, and was once caught by the Security and Exchanges Commission going to online forums under a pseudonym to talk trash about a company he was trying to buy in the hope that the lies he was spreading would lower that company’s value.

But here’s a new one:  to the right is a photo of a trash can outside a Whole Foods near The Curmudgeon’s home.  The company, in its arrogance, is trying to shame people for not recycling every single bit of waste or trash they generate.

As if there’s never a dumpster behind a Whole Foods store.

Seriously, seriously obnoxious and arrogant.

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