In High Places, a New Enemy of Working People

On the high court, to be precise.

Catching up on his backlog of New Yorkers – he’s up to mid-April! – The Curmudgeon uncovered this unpleasant anecdote about then-Supreme Court nominee and now Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.

His predilection for employers over employees is such that it yielded a circuit court opinion of almost Gothic cruelty.  When subzero temperatures caused a truck driver’s trailer brakes to freeze, he pulled over to the side of the road.  After waiting three hours for help to arrive, he began to lose feeling in his extremities, so he unhitched the cab from the trailer and drove to safety.  His employer fired him for abandoning company property.  The majority in the case called the dismissal unjustified, but Gorsuch said that the driver was in the wrong.

Working people who land in front of this guy are in deep s—

And this is the guy who, for the next thirty years or so, will be meting out justice through the highest court in the land.

Or injustice, it seems more likely.

He is certainly no friend to working people:  he quite literally expects us to risk life and limb(s) for our employers…or else.

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