Georgia and Covfefe

If you live in Georgia and you’d like to commemorate the lunacy that is Donald Trump by ordering a “covfefe” vanity license plate for your 1980 AMC Gremlin (still The Curmudgeon’s favorite car ever made) you’re out of luck because state officials have announced that they won’t issue any plates bearing the best made-up word by a president since “strategery.”

Such plates have already been ordered by motorists in more than 20 states but Georgia has put the kibosh on any vanity plates with “covfefe” or anything that looks or sounds like “covfefe.”

Why?  Mum’s the word as far as Georgia state officials are concerned.  The state has standards for what it will and will not permit on license plates, as reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

State law instructs the Department of Revenue to reject vanity plate combinations that are “obscene according to current community standards.” The law also bans references to sexual acts (also on the current banned list is “SEXIE1”); body parts or any bodily fluids (“UTERUS”); disparaging a religious belief (“0MYG0D”); being, race, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation (“WYTRASH”), phrases subject to copyright (such as “NISSAN” and references to many pro sports teams, such as “STEELERS”), and references to drugs, alcohol, or criminal activity (“MURDER,” “SMOKIT”).

In Iowa, yes, in Maine, yes, in California, yes, but in Georgia: never.

But “covfefe”?  It wasn’t on the state’s banned list until recently, almost certainly because it’s a grouping of letters than human beings had never imagined in that particular combination until the wee hours of May 31, when Agent Orange inexplicably chose to unveil it for his 33 million (and what does that say about us as a society?) twitter followers and the rest of us who learn about those tweets from those who follow and then write about them for a living.

One can only speculate why Georgia officials did this.  Those officials?  They’re not saying.  Do they think the word is obscene, that their president tweeted a dirty word?  Do they think they’re defending the honor of the president of the United States?

Or are they just spoilsports of epic proportions?

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