No, He Didn’t Say Really Say That

But oh, yes, he did.

Senate Republicans are having a hard time figuring out what to do about health care.  They prematurely insisted that they’re going to vote on it tomorrow but at the time they made that announcement they didn’t even know exactly what they’d be voting on.

And as The Curmudgeon writes this piece (last night) they STILL haven’t announced what they’ll be voting on.

But that’s not stopping them from plowing ahead.

As reported by the New York Times, one senator acknowledged the problem this poses:

“You can’t debate something that you don’t initiate the debate on,” said Senator John Cornyn of Texas, the No. 2 Senate Republican. “And everybody can offer endless amendments, so if anybody’s got a better idea, they can offer that and get a vote on it. And in the end, 50 people are going to decide whether we’re going to have an outcome or not.”

And then he added (again as reported by the Times):

Asked whether senators want to know the plan before they vote, Mr. Cornyn said that was “a luxury we don’t have.”

Yes he said it:  that it’s just fine with him that senators don’t know the plan they’re going to be asked to vote on – a plan that could, if adopted, introduce fundamental changes in the American health care system.

That knowing what they would be voting on is “a luxury we don’t have.”

A luxury they don’t have.

John Cornyn: he embodies everything that’s wrong with Congress today.

All of this illustrates that John Cornyn is one of those people who represents everything that’s wrong with our government today.  He’s the number two guy in the Senate, he’s part of the group that decided that health care needs to be addressed TOMORROW (for no particular reason), and he clearly thinks there’s nothing wrong with pressuring his fellow Republicans in the Senate into voting on a bill with virtually no opportunity to read it, figure out what it really means, and consult with experts, their colleagues, and their constituents about what they should do.

It took more than a year for Democrats to pass Obamacare.  Republicans, with a seven-year head start on something they knew they wanted to do, still haven’t figured out how to do what they want to do even though, controlling both chambers of Congress and the White House, they can do pretty much anything they damn well choose.  Despite this, despite the luxury of time to do some thinking and do some planning and make sure they get it right, they’ve created this ridiculous, artificial urgency that they must address health care right away, right now, and more than a quest to do something important the right way, it’s become about winning.

But you have to wonder:  winning what?

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