Renaming the Senate

In honor of Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell leading his gang of 100 onto the Senate floor yesterday to vote on a health care proposal he hadn’t even shared with them, keeping his colleagues in blindfolds and his bill under wraps like a gift until Christmas morning, The Curmudgeon respectfully – well, actually, disrespectfully – suggests that we rename the U.S. Senate.

Of course The Curmudgeon doesn’t have the authority to do this, nor does he suspect the idea would be received with much enthusiasm, but as of now, and until such time as Mitch McConnell is no longer running it, The Curmudgeon hereby renames the U.S. Senate.

On this site, from now on, the Senate shall heretofore and forthwith be referred to as…

…the Politburo.

The Politburo majority leader, Comrade Mitch McConnell

Because nothing captures the manner in which this once-respected body is now being treated by puppet master McConnell like the name of the puppet legislative body that once pretended to have a role in governing the Soviet Union.

Of course we all know what eventually happened to the Soviet Union.

Ladies and gentlemen (and others):  introducing the Politburo.

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