“Lock HIM Up, Lock HIM Up!”

Now that we know that Jared Kushner, that much-valued, highly qualified White House senior advisor, has used a private email account to conduct government business, one can only wonder whether the president – you know, Jared’s father in-law – will be as eager to brand Kushner a criminal and call for his incarceration as he was when Hillary Clinton engaged in the same practice while in the employ of the federal government.

Jared is awfully pretty. He probably would not do well in prison.

And seriously: considering all the fuss surrounding Hillary Clinton’s foolish use of private email and all the noise his father in-law made about it, how colossally stupid must Jared Kushner be to have done the very same thing?

Also engaging in the same stupidity:

Darling daughter Ivanka.

Economic advisor Gary Cohn.

Reince Priebus.

Steve “Beelzebub” Bannon.

Lock them up! Lock them up!

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