Even Kids Aren’t Exempt From the Republican Agenda

Federal funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program, better known as CHIP, quietly expired last Friday.

Although certainly envisioned as a program to continue until replaced, CHIP has a limited shelf life and must periodically be renewed by Congress.

And it always has been.

Until now.

Because this year, it wasn’t.

CHIP isn’t like Obamacare or tax cuts or any of the many other issues that divide Washington these days.  CHIP isn’t one of those partisan issues.  There’s no meaningful he said/she said disagreement over whether CHIP should or shouldn’t continue and should or shouldn’t be renewed.

Congress just never got around to it.  It fell between the cracks.

This is temporary.  Congress eventually will get around to it.  Meanwhile, though, parents are going to be calling doctors for appointments and will be told that their kids’ insurance has lapsed and the doctor can’t see them.  They’ll be calling the pharmacy for refills and will be asked if they can pay cash because that’s the only way they can get their kids’ medicine.

Because Congress just never got around to it.  It fell between the cracks.

Because when 21st century Republicans are running Congress, this is what you get.

They care about rich people.

They care about big business.

They care about taxes.

They care about helping rich people and big business by lowering taxes.

They care about beating Democrats.

But kids?  They care…not so much.

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