Well THAT Didn’t Take Long

Just a few hours after Sunday’s massacre in a Texas church, The Curmudgeon decided to do a quick Google search to see if the gun apologists had started their usual “it’s not right to politicize this shooting” nonsense.

He was not disappointed.

Breitbart News, home of the angry-and-damn-proud-of-it alt right, published a Twitter comment by a random person that proclaimed

A Twitter user claiming to be a pastor says he is going to “politicize the shit out of the #TEXASSHOOTING.”

 And another:

 Today’s tragedy in #SutherlandSprings is downright gut wrenching. The Left’s politicization of this tragedy is downright disgusting.


Moms Demand Action founder Shannon Watts immediately politicized the shooting,


 A twitter user, @yolowaccordsmom, wasted no time in politicizing the shooting. She tweeted, “Trump probably praying its a Mexican a5 #sutherlandsprings to justify his wall bullshit. Sorry, its [sic] a crazy white guy with a gun.”

While the Daily Caller, tv personality Tucker Carlson’s site, didn’t actually address politicization in an article, the description at the top of the screen of its story describing the shooting declared that

Obama Politicizes Texas Church Massacre

Another Daily Caller story filled the gap, though, with a lead sentence declaring that

Reactions to the church shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas have broadly consisted of sympathy and calls for prayer for the victims and their families, but some prominent left-wing voices have taken the opportunity to politicize the incident.

Faux News, of course, loves guns almost as much as it loves executives and stars who sexually abuse women and was incensed – incensed! – that third-rate comedian Chelsea Handler had something to say about the subject, giving Handler far, far more attention than anything she says or does could possibly gain on its own by observing on its web site that

Her comments swiftly received criticism on Twitter with many chastising the star for politicizing the event while it is ongoing.

And a random reader’s similar sentiment somehow merited posting in a Faux News article:

The bodies aren’t even cold yet and you are politicizing them. You really have a dark heart. ‪#NastyWoman

This was just from the first few hours after the shooting and from results from a Google search that specifically sought use of some variation of the word “politicize.” More than 24 hours after, when The Curmudgeon finalized and posted this piece? Countless examples of more of the same.

So The Curmudgeon asks again: if not now, when? When will there ever be a better time to talk about the profound damage caused by easy access to guns than at a time when easy access to guns has just caused profound damage?




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