Roy Moore is Right, Of Course

Right, that is, that the charges against him are politically motivated.

Of COURSE they’re politically motivated.

Which doesn’t mean the charges aren’t true.

But of course they’re politically motivated.

Because if Moore wasn’t a candidate for the United States Senate, if he wasn’t running for public office and involved in politics…

What, no hobby horse?

If he hadn’t said that Muslims are unfit to serve in Congress…

If, as a state judge, he hadn’t defied federal judges…

If he hadn’t publicly referred to Native Americans as “reds” and Asians as “yellows”…

If he hadn’t insisted that there are communities in this country operating under Sharia law…

If he hadn’t suggested that the terrorist attacks of 9/11 may have been caused “because we’ve distanced ourselves from god”…

If he hadn’t stuck to his belief that Barack Obama wasn’t born in the U.S., even after we all saw his birth certificate…

If he hadn’t asserted that god is the only source of laws…

If he hadn’t maintained that there’s no such thing as evolution…

If he hadn’t suggested that homosexuality should be against the law…

If he hadn’t done or said all of these things then no, no one would be making allegations about his conduct because he’d only be the dirty-old man leering at your daughter, or granddaughter, at the Waffle House or IHOP or Denny’s or the neighborhood diner.

You know, the guy who makes pretty much everyone who sees him squirm.

So what about the people of Alabama, who must decide next month whether or not to vote for him in the Senate election? So far, they seem to be standing by their man, accusations and all.

Which pretty much tells you why the picture you get in your mind when someone says “Alabama” looks the way it does.

So are these charges politically motivated?

Yes, of course they are.

But that doesn’t mean they’re also not true.

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  • Peaches Shimmerdeep  On November 15, 2017 at 5:00 am

    Great post. You should post this to twitter. It makes what is still murky for some (!) abundantly clear.

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