Methinks He Doth Protest Too Much

At a hearing of the Pennsylvania House State Government Committee last week, a member of that committee laid his hand on the arm of one of his colleagues to reinforce the point he was trying to make.

Daryl Metcalfe, chairman of the committee and the man whose arm was touched (heretofore “the touchee”), was having none of it and made no bones about it.

Look, I’m a heterosexual. I have a wife, I love my wife, I don’t like men — as you might. But stop touching me all the time.

When the audience stopped laughing uncomfortably at Metcalfe’s outburst, Metcalfe made it clear that he wasn’t joking – and wasn’t finished speaking his mind.

Keep your hands to yourself. If you want to touch somebody, you have people on your side of the aisle who might like it. I don’t.

See it for yourself here.

That’s a pretty heapin’ helpin’ of homophobia, don’t you think?

The touchy touchee

Metcalfe has become known, though, for his bizarre behavior. In fact, The Curmudgeon has written about him before: first when he declared public transportation to be a form of welfare and then when he shouted down a House colleague who was attempting to speak in favor of gay rights, later explaining that

I did not believe that as a member of that body that I should allow someone to make comments such as he was preparing to make that ultimately were just open rebellion against what the word of God has said, what God has said, and just open rebellion against God’s law.

 Two observations here.

First, let us pause to reflect for a moment that this man has been elected and then re-elected to office every two years since 1999, which tells you that the residents of Butler County who keep returning him to office are…working with an antenna that doesn’t pick up all the channels.

And second, that a guy who feels a need to lash out in such a virulent way over such a minor matter may have…issues.

Maybe the problem is that as the touchee he’s actually uncomfortable with how much he LIKES all that touching.




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