A Slightly Different Perspective on Bannon’s Departure From Breitbart

One of the most overblown complaints of the right is that the left is too caught up in political correctness: bound by language created not to offend (with deviations considered highly offensive), unwilling to criticize, or suffer criticism of, its standard-bearers or anyone who isn’t white and male, and refusing to stray from what the right views as the left’s approved talking points on a given subject.


So isn’t it deliciously ironic that Steve Bannon was fired from Breitbart because he failed to toe the party line, failed to mute his feelings about President Trump and the president’s family, and failed to follow the approved (and demanded) approach of overlooking or ignoring the nonsense that dominates the White House and the entire dysfunctional administration in the hope that it would still, somehow, achieve conservative objectives?

And isn’t it also ironic that Bannon, who promised to vanquish anyone who failed to toe the party line, has now himself been vanquished because of the very misdeeds of which he so vehemently and so self-righteously accused others?

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