It’s a Raid!

The Trump administration flexed its muscles and showed Americans who’s boss last Wednesday with pre-dawn raids on 98 7-Eleven stores in 17 states that resulted in the arrest of 21 people believed to be undocumented immigrants.

A few thoughts.

Did they think they were going to find terrorists among clerks who sell Ding Dongs, cigarettes, Red Bull, and rolling paper?

Did they gear up with bulletproof vests, night sticks, guns, rifles, and shields with the expectation that the kind of passive, practically inert people who work the overnight shift at 7-Eleven were going to put up a fight?

Featuring everyone’s favorite flavor: blue.

Ninety-eight stores in 17 states and only 21 arrests? That’s just an awful batting average – what baseball fans refer to as “below the Mendoza line.” Where are they getting their leads? The Senate Judiciary Committee? Fusion GPS? Magda, the Coney Island psychic? The people who run Wawa stores? Is Immigration and Customs Enforcement that thoroughly and haplessly incompetent?

Most important, couldn’t this actually be a plot to distract us from other Trump administration nonsense by attempting to deprive America of its constitutional right to Slurpees?






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  • Scott  On January 14, 2018 at 8:07 am

    Love the Mendoza Line reference. Here’s to a year, that Trump’s approval rating mirrors the Mendoza Line.

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