And on the Seventh Day He Mercifully Said Nothing

We thought we had heard the last of Michele Bachmann, the wacko politician from Minnesota, when she retired from the House of Representatives a few years ago.

Alas, no such luck.

The urge to return to center stage has proven strong, so when Al Franken’s pervy behavior led to his resignation from the Senate, Bachmann announced that she was considering running for his seat.

And how would she decided whether to run?

She said she would ask god if she should do so.

So what did god think about this idea?

“It became very clear to me that I wasn’t hearing any call from god to do this,” Bachmann told radio host Jan Markell, as reported Monday by Minnesota Public Radio.

Thank goodness. Others were thinking the same thing, as you can see from the billboard on the right that someone put up in St. Paul.

This is not the first time Bachmann has based her public activities on hearing voices from above; she cited god’s directive when she ran for president in 2012. The HBO series The Newsroom had fun with that explanation, as you can see here.

God’s voice or not, The Curmudgeon suspects we haven’t heard the last of Michele Bachmann.

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