Compare and Contrast

In the fall the New Yorker ran a brief piece about Agent Orange’s irrational opposition to the Iran nuclear agreement (sorry, The Curmudgeon refuses to adopt Trump-speak and refer to things as “deals”). One of the issues the piece addressed is how the rest of the world might react to a major change of international agreements and U.S. policy just because a new administration takes office. The piece included the following observation:

A nation’s credibility is the type of asset that is easy to overlook, until an emergency makes it precious. During the Cuban missile crisis, in 1962, President John F. Kennedy dispatched former Secretary of State Dean Acheson to Paris to inform President Charles de Gaulle that the Administration had decided to stage a naval blockade of Cuba. Acheson offered to show surveillance photographs of the island’s missile sites, but de Gaulle waved them away, saying, “The word of the President of the United States is enough for me.”

Do you think there are any world leaders today – even ONE – who would take Trump’s word about ANYTHING?

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