Perhaps Just a Tad Overdramatic?

That’s how The Curmudgeon would describe a woman in England who went into her neighborhood McDonald’s, ordered the mozzarella sticks, bit into one, and found that it was all stick and no mozzarella.

Let’s allow the woman in question describe her own reaction:

I was devastated. I was really looking forward to them because they’re my favourites and it was just hollow bread.

Yes, she was devastated.

Not unhappy.

Not disappointed.

Not angry.

“Methinks I could learneth a thing or two from this wench.”

Not crestfallen.

Not dissatisfied.

Not disgruntled.

Not chagrined.

No, she was devastated.

Devastated because she got no mozzarella.

It looks like the country that gave us Shakespeare can still teach us a thing or two about drama.






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