It Just Screams “Don’t Take Me Seriously”

It was already hard enough to take seriously actor Cynthia Nixon’s announced intention to run for governor of New York.

She has no experience in the public sector.

Maybe her campaign motto can be “Nixon’s the One”

Her involvement in public affairs has been limited to celebrity-type advocacy.

And she’s never run anything bigger than her mouth.

But she wants to be governor of New York, which has an annual budget of nearly $170 billion.

Which is considerably more than you make as an actor.

So Nixon’s first priority – well, her second, because her first, already achieved, was to gain the endorsement of her former Sex and the City cast mates (well, actually, Kim Cattrall’s was not exactly an endorsement) – is to figure out how to get people to take her seriously.

So where does she start?

A TV interview seems like a decent place.

But with whom?

60 Minutes?

Barbara Walters?

Rachel Maddow?

Chuck Todd?

Lester Holt?


And the pervert interviewers, Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose, are no longer an option.

So to whom does a girl turn to prove she’s serious and that this run for office isn’t the equivalent of making a pilot for a new series, a process in which you do some work and then just cross your fingers and hope someone likes it enough to buy it?

One of her more low-key outfits

For her first interview as candidate for governor, Cynthia Nixon will sit down for a one-on-one interview with…

Wendy Williams.

Because nothing screams “Take me seriously” like a conversation about public policy and politics with Wendy Williams.

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