The Newest in Reality TV

Just when you thought there was nothing new under the sun in the world of reality television comes…something new under the sun in the world of reality television.

Making its debut today on something called AXS TV is the new reality show Real Money.

It’s about money, all right – but not THAT kind of money.

No, it’s about 1970s slightly-more-but-not-much-more-than-flash-in-the-pan rocker…

Eddie Money.


Yeah, The Curmudgeon knows what you’re thinking: THIS GUY IS STILL ALIVE? He always looked half-baked when he performed and that was 40 years ago. How is this possible?

Well it is, Eddie’s alive, he’s old enough now that several of his kids are in his band, and he’s got his own reality show on AXS TV. Lord knows why they picked Eddie Money, of all people, for the reality TV treatment or what this show is going to be about, but you want it, you know you really want it, so sit back, Baby, Hold On, it’s Two Tickets to Paradise that will absolutely Take You Home Tonight.

Eddie Money. Reality television. AXS TV. Today.

You can’t make up stuff like this.



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