Is This What They Mean by “Irony”?

Example One:

Melania Trump, after sitting and cowering in a corner of the White House for more than a year while reconsidering her deal to sell her soul to the devil in exchange for a life of leisure, finally decides what will be her “cause” as first lady and settles, without a hint of shame, on an anti-cyber-bullying campaign for children even though that strange orange man who sleeps in the bedroom down the hall from her is perhaps the greatest proponent and greatest beneficiary – ever – of cyber-bullying.

Example Two:

An administration led by a president who cheated on his first wife, cheated on his second wife, cheated on his third wife, paid women with whom he cheated not to talk about it, and fathered a daughter out of wedlock (Tiffany, delivered by Marla Maples on October 13, 1993, after which Ms. Maples married The Donald on December 20, 1993), announces that it’s shifting the emphasis of its anti-teen pregnancy programs – and most of the money to fund such programs –from sex education to promoting abstinence.

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