Is Newt Gingrich Expressing Tacit Solidarity With Roseanne?

On Wednesday morning, the day after the whole Roseanne kerfuffle, The Curmudgeon was in his basement, pedaling the stationary bike and channel-surfing, eventually landing on Fox & Friends – a morning staple for him, since every day should start with a good laugh – when on came Newt Gingrich.

Gingrich – a guy who, you may recall, told his first wife he was leaving her while she was in a hospital bed, recovering from cancer surgery – has this pretty effective way of coming across as the smartest guy in the room.  In conversation he seems thoroughly informed and authoritative.  He makes you want to assume that whatever he says is the gospel truth because listen, it sure sounds intelligent coming out of his mouth.

We’ve had nearly 30 years of Newt’s act, though, so we’ve learned that for the most part, this emperor has no clothes.  In his latest incarnation, Newt has lowered himself to being a Trump apologist, and it’s almost sad to listen to him, now thoroughly butt-naked, saying stuff you’re pretty sure – you hope – that deep down, he doesn’t believe for a second.

And this, alas, is the eye of Newt

So on Fox & Friends on Wednesday morning Gingrich launched into a ludicrous explanation about how the Mueller probe of Russian collusion in the 2016 election is actually about five scandals, beginning with – seriously – Hillary Clinton’s investment in cattle futures in 1978.  Professor Gingrich prattled on for a bit and then made this statement, which The Curmudgeon transcribed from a video on the Fox & Friends web site:

Look at how they treat the Trump people, look at how they treated the Hillary Clinton people.  Then third, you have the scandal of a totally false and, we’re now learning, very long Obama administration effort to destroy Trump through a variety of investigations, and I’m convinced it goes up to Valerie Jarrett and President Obama.

Just 24 hours after the whole Roseanne fiasco unraveled, Gingrich oh-so-coincidentally mentioned Valerie Jarrett.

Or not-so-coincidentally.

You’re forgiven if you knew little or nothing about Valerie Jarrett before the Roseanne tweet.  She was an important but relatively obscure aide to President Obama for his entire time in the White House, a senior counselor with no operational responsibilities but someone very close to, and very respected by, both Barack and Michelle Obama.  She flew almost entirely under the radar for eight years; her job was to advise and support the president, not to do things.  She was very influential but her work was almost entirely behind the scenes.

Yet here was Gingrich, just 24 hours after the Roseanne nonsense, taking something for which all the Trumpsters blame Obama and Obama alone and deciding, suddenly and out of the blue, that he should split the blame and declare Jarrett to be at fault as well.

All-but-invisible Valerie Jarrett.

How can that be anything other than Gingrich’s asinine way to express solidarity with Roseanne and signal to Trump supporters that he – and implicitly, the president – agrees that their new TV hero got a raw deal and that her raw deal had everything to do with Valerie Jarrett, of all people?

You know – you absolutely know – that two days earlier there was no chance – none whatsoever – that he would have mentioned Valerie Jarrett in such an explanation.

The Curmudgeon has long thought that Gingrich had sunk to an all-time low with his repeated rationalizations of all of Trump’s boorish behavior and bad ideas.

But The Curmudgeon was wrong.  It turns out that Gingrich found a way to sink even lower.

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