Better Stay Healthy

Or at least avoid developing a rare form of blindness caused by defects in a gene known as RPE65, which tells cells in the retina to produce an enzyme critical for normal vision.

Why stay healthy?

Because the nice people at a company called Sparks Therapeutics have just developed a treatment for the rare, inherited problem.

And that treatment, a new drug called Luxturna, will cost patients $850,000.

That’s eight hundred fifty thousand dollars.

Or as the folks at Sparks Therapeutics apparently prefer to view it, $425,000 an eye.

Results not guaranteed.  As Reuters reports,

Clinical trials of Luxturna showed that 93 percent of participants experienced some improvement in their functional vision as measured by their ability to navigate obstacles in poor light after one year. It is unclear how long the benefit of the treatment will ultimately last.

Which doesn’t sound like you’re getting a whole lot for nearly a million bucks.

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