Disease of the Week

Capgras syndrome.

Rolls right off the tongue, doesn’t it?

According to the Washington Post,

Capgras syndrome is a psychological condition that prompts a person to believe that loved ones have been replaced by identical duplicates of themselves.


And where do these duplicates come from?  Some people

…have dismissed loved ones as aliens, robots, or clones.  A number of cases have involved shocking acts of violence toward the delusional misidentified person.


Some individuals with Capgras syndrome claim that doubles of themselves exist.

Every year, representatives of the medical community come before Congress to plead for more money for medical research.  When you read about things like Capgras syndrome, though, you have to wonder whether we’re already spending too much money on medical research and whether some of these researchers might be better served, and might better serve society, by going out and getting real jobs.

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