The 1960s Called: They Want Their Product Back

When you buy products from certain online sites that you’re aware are still selling plenty of stuff by catalogue you realize that you’re opening yourself up to a potential deluge of materials in your mail box – your home mail box, that is, not just your email in-box.  A few years back, for example, The Curmudgeon’s mother asked him to buy something for her from the Carol Wright web site and the only good thing to come from the onslaught of catalogues that followed for about five years was the inspiration for the piece “Carol Wright, Dildo Queen” that was, until the past six weeks, the most frequently read piece on this blog.

While The Curmudgeon doesn’t generally order from such sites for himself his father ordered from their physical catalogues, and while dad has now been gone for nearly five years his mail continues to arrive in The Curmudgeon’s mail box frequently – even though The Curmudgeon has moved since dad’s passing.  Rarely will as many as three days pass without something for dad, and sometimes several pieces arrive in a single day.

Last week, though, The Curmudgeon received a catalogue for dad from a company he’s never heard of called  Its catalogue looks pretty much the same as most of the rest of the catalogues addressed to dad, suggesting that it’s probably just another name under which some of those other companies also operate.  As he always does, The Curmudgeon flipped through it briefly just, well, just because.

Okay, because he was heading into the bathroom.

And he was stunned when he ran across the following product: a real anachronism in this day and age.

The Curmudgeon has no further comment.  He just can’t believe someone’s selling this kind of thing in 2018.

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