Shaking in Your Boots

This spring BuzzFeed – not exactly on the list of The Curmudgeon’s reliable sources – reported that a few recent studies suggesting that pasta is a healthy food were funded by researchers with ties to the Barilla Group.  Lest you’re only eating the supermarket brand, Barilla is a major pasta company.

But some of the histrionics in BuzzFeed’s reporting are pretty hysterical, starting with the title of the article:

Pasta Is Good For You, Say Scientists Funded By Big Pasta

And then, just to make sure you got the point, it added that

Over the last decade or so, with the rise of the Atkins, South Beach, paleo, and ketogenic diets, Big Pasta has battled a societal shift against carbohydrates — and funded and promoted research suggesting that noodles are good for you.

The Curmudgeon was tickled by the thought that someone – even if it’s just BuzzFeed – alleges that there’s a “Big Pasta” out there, but then he gave it a little more thought and it left him wondering:

Call him “Don Boyardee”

If there’s really a “Big Pasta” syndicate or cartel out there that we need to watch out for, who’s leading it?  Who’s its mob boss?  Its godfather?

Could it be…

Chef Boyardee?

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