Not Something You Hear Every Day From Your Wife

“I’m making money while lying on my back.”

That’s what Mrs. Curmudgeon said to her husband the other day.


Is this marriage in trouble?  Was Mrs. Curmudgeon confessing to leading a double life?  Or are times tough in the curmudgeonly household and desperate times call for desperate measures?

No, The Curmudgeon didn’t marry a bad girl.

Mrs. Curmudgeon, you see, is a self-employed lawyer.  On days on which she has an early morning conference call with a client or expert witness or opposing counsel or member of a judge’s staff, she sometimes stays home and takes the call in the family room while her husband works upstairs.

Sometimes, though, she just takes the call upstairs.  While waiting for such calls to begin she may lie in bed, both before and after, working on a legal brief or a filing or some other such legal stuff.

And since she bills for her services by the hour…

“I’m making money while lying on my back.”

Oh, brother!




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